Eliminate Roadblocks

Over the past 24 years we have connected with a wide variety of business clients in a number of ways - from the beginnings of Business Planning & Strategy through Growth and Organizational Analysis past Coaching and Counseling to Guiding Public Companies and Exit Strategies.

We connect with small and mid-sized companies who are challenged to deliver results for a variety of reasons. We connect and deliver results across the spectrum of business - manufacturing; consumer goods; technology; service providers; retail; real estate; ecommerce.

We have helped companies reconnect and find ways to resolve internal company conflict, manage directional course corrections and eliminate the roadblocks that keep management from maximizing the company's potential.  We do these things in a very hands-on way, taking functional roles in companies and delivering tangible results.

By being your ConnectionPointe we're able to help our clients evaluate and strategize business practices.  We're not afraid to back-up our recommendations by taking active and responsible roles in managing those practices to success. We have done so in areas such as: product development; sales and channel management;operations; distribution planning and implementation; marketing creation; ecommerce; corporate governance; training, interviewing and selection and many, many more.

We connect by listening and communicating directly and honestly with our clients.  We connect with offices in the key business regions of the United States. We know how to be the ConnectionPointe between your company and success.

We Solve problems

When we Started

in 1996 we wanted a name that stood for not only who we were - but how we would help our clients.  ConnectionPointe was our choice and it's been our standard ever since.

We are the ConnectionPointe between you, your business and your customers.  We can help create, build, grow, re-imagine and refine that connection in so many ways.  Our background and experience is Business.  Our DNA is Retail and Technology.