Deb Uhlman
Ms. Uhlman was Director of Human Resources and a key member of the executive team for Encore Software in El Segundo, CA.  Encore is a division of Navarre Distribution of Minneapolis, MN., a software technology company employing nearly 100 associates who created, recreated and distributed entertainment and educational software.  Their clients included top retailers such as Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy and many others.  Deb’s role was to ensure that management understood and respected the human component of their business while delivering the benefits, services and working environment promised to their associates.  She was responsible for and actively involved in all facets of the associate experience from interviewing and selection to training and development to recognition and retention.  She was directly responsible for maintaining the Company’s responsibility for all state and federal laws relating to employment.  She spent 12 years with Encore Software. 

Prior to her tenure at Navarre, Deb spent 12 years with May & Macy’s Department Stores at various locations in California and Texas.  Her role as Human Resources Manager provided her the opportunity to support both company’s growth and sales strategies by employing and developing the associate staffs.   Deb began her career in Human Resources with Target Stores in Los Angeles in 1983 as Target expanded into the California markets.  She left Target in 1987 for her roles with May/Macy.

Deb joined CPointe Associates...

in May of 2012 as Senior Partner in California and CFO of CPointe Associates there.

Deb is currently Director of Human Resources for Angel View, a non-profit in the Coachella Valley.  With over 500 associates, Angel View provides services to over 100 severely disabled children and adults. Funded by donations through more than 20 resale stores and direct donations, Angel View is one of the largest non-profits in Southern California.

Prior to her current position, Deb worked with the City of Indian Wells as support for their Planning Department and with College of the Desert Community College in their Human Resources area where she was responsible for recruiting and interviewing the addition of over 30 associate professors to their teaching staff in 2013.