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Senior Leadership & Executive Coaching

We have the practical experience of Senior Management and Board Level positions - including CEO, Chairman and Board Director. As members of the National Association of Corporate Directors we have the experience and ability to protect our clients confidentiality. It's not practical for one person or one group to answer all the questions or make all the decisions necessary for today's corporate governance.

Business Planning & Forecasting

We don't have any better crystal ball that anyone else - we just have polished the one we have more. We find that today the art and science of business analytics is key to business success.  So we help you apply it.  We review, discuss, compare and contrast and finally establish the best forecasting methods to direct your business.

Marketing, Merchandising, Operations & eCommerce

Our Relationship Marketing approach assists firms to build effective relationships with their customers. We ask questions like  "how much product is enough" so that our years of Merchandising experience can point you in the right direction. We help you find ways to deliver you product or services at lower costs by comparing your company to industry leading Operations. And we understand eCommerce so that we can position your company for success in today's marketplace.

Process and Practice

We start by helping you determine your Competitive Strategy - this establishes a sustainable position relative to your competition. We assist you in defining your Differentiation Strategy so you are seen as unique at something valued by your customers. We systematically Analyze Your Operations and compare them to industry best practices.

Organizational Assessment

This topic creates more interest, discussion and disagreement than any other.  We examine the critical areas and assess your culture and entire organization so that we can suggest improvements.  We ask questions, visit with associates and all levels of management - we don't assume the mission statement reflects the culture - we validate it.

We Take a Dedicated Approach

  • Process and Practice
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Marketing, Merchandising, Operations & eCommerce
  • Human Resource Functions, Training & Recruitment
  • Business Planning and Forecasting
  • Senior Leadership & Executive Coaching
Diagram used for organizational analysis in Los Angeles, CA

Our Business Coaching Services

Human Resource Functions, Training & Recruitment

We take the pulse of your company and then suggest positions you need and those you don't. Then we get down on paper the Job Descriptions and requirements. We steer you through the minefields of Interviewing and Selection and the pages of Federal and State laws. And, when it comes to Training - we wrote the books - on everything from Communication to Leadership, Sexual Harassment and Time Management.